Welcome to Genie

The Highly Productive Web Framework for Julia

Genie is a full stack web framework for the Julia programming language. Genie's goals are: unparalleled developer productivity, excellent run-time performance, and security by default.

The Genie web framework follows in the footsteps of mainstream full stack web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django, while staying 100% true to its Julia roots. Genie's architecture and development is driven by features present in other frameworks, but not by their design. Genie takes a no-magic-no-nonsense approach by doing things the Julia way: Controllers are plain Julia modules, Models leverage types and multiple dispatch, Genie apps are nothing but Julia projects, and versioning and dependency management is provided by Julia's own Pkg.

Genie also takes inspiration from Julia's "start simple, grow as needed" philosophy, by allowing developers to bootstrap an app in the REPL or in a Jupyter notebook, or easily create web services and APIs with just a few lines of code.

As the projects grow more complex, Genie allows adding progressively more structure, by exposing a micro-framework which offers features like powerful routing, flexible logging, support for environments, code reload, etc.

If database persistence is needed, support for Genie's ORM, SearchLight, can be added at any time. Finally, full MVC structure can be used in order to drive the development and maintenance of complex, end-to-end, web applications.