The lib/ folder

Genie makes it very easy to automatically load your existing Julia code (modules, files, etc) into the app, outside of the standard Genie MVC structure. You simply need to add your files and folders into the lib/ folder.


  • If the lib/ folder does not exist, just create it yourself: julia> mkdir("lib")
  • Genie does not include the files placed within the lib/ folder, but recursively adds all the folders to the LOAD_PATH - so you can include the files yourself, as needed – Genie/Julia will know were to find them in the LOAD_PATH.
  • Files within lib/ are not added to the Revise queue so they are not automatically reloaded by Genie if changed. If you make changes/add/remove files in lib/ you need to restart the app or manually add them to be watched and reloaded by Revise. The reason being that the lib/ folder is meant for legacy code. If you will actively develop the code, the recommended way is to use Genie's MVC structure, adding Models, Controllers, and Views as needed.