checkbox(label::String = "", fieldname::Union{Symbol,Nothing} = nothing, args...; kwargs...)

The checkbox component is another basic element for user input. You can use this to supply a way for the user to toggle an option.



julia> @reactive mutable struct CheckboxModel <: ReactiveModel
          valone::R{Bool} = true


julia> checkbox(label = "Apples", fieldname = :valone, dense = true, size = "xl")


  1. Behaviour
    • name::String - Used to specify the name of the control; Useful if dealing with forms submitted directly to a URL
    • indeterminatevalue::Union{String, Float64, Int, Bool} - What model value should be considered as 'indeterminate'?
    • toggleorder::String - Determines toggle order of the two states ('t' stands for state of true, 'f' for state of false); If 'toggle-indeterminate' is true, then the order is: indet -> first state -> second state -> indet (and repeat), otherwise: indet -> first state -> second state -> first state -> second state -> ... ex. "tf""ft"
    • toggleindeterminate::Bool - When user clicks/taps on the component, should we toggle through the indeterminate state too?
    • keepcolor::Bool - Should the color (if specified any) be kept when the component is unticked/ off?
  2. General
    • tabindex::Union{Int, String} - Tabindex HTML attribute value
  3. Label
    • label::String - Label to display along the component
    • leftlabel::Bool - Label (if any specified) should be displayed on the left side of the component
  4. Model
    • fieldname::Symbol - Model of the component
    • val::Union{String, Float64, Int, Bool} - Works when model ('value') is Array. It tells the component which value should add/remove when ticked/unticked
    • truevalue::Union{Int, Float64, String} - What model value should be considered as checked/ticked/on?
    • falsevalue::Union{Int, Float64, String} - What model value should be considered as unchecked/unticked/off?
  5. State
    • disable::Bool - Put component in disabled mode
  6. Style
    • size::String- Size in CSS units, including unit name or standard size name (xs|sm|md|lg|xl) ex. "16px""2rem""xs""md"
    • color::String - Color name for component from the Color Palette eg. "primary""teal-10"
    • dark::Bool - Notify the component that the background is a dark color
    • dense::Bool - Dense mode; occupies less space