JuliaCon 2023

Genie at JuliaCon 2023

Join us at JuliaCon 2023 for an opportunity to step up your web development skills - in pure Julia!


Interactive Data Dashboards with Genie: Design to Deployment

07-25, 13:30–16:30 (US/Eastern), MIT 32-123

Learn how to create production ready data applications and interactive data exploration dashboards in Julia, using Genie.

In this comprehensive hands-on session, we'll build a fully functional, production-grade interactive data application using Genie. The key components of the application will include:

- An exploratory data analysis display of a dataset.

- A setup for configuring and training a machine learning model on the data.

- A REST API to serve the model.

We'll cover the entire process: from setting up a new app, designing and building the UI, writing the Julia backend for data processing, and adding interactivity. Once ready, we'll deploy the application on AWS using modern DevOps techniques. If time allows it, we'll add more valuable features, such as restricting access with user authentication, improving performance with caching, and adding unit and integration testing.


Welcome to Genie 6!

07-27, 10:30–11:00 (US/Eastern), MIT 26-100

Learn about the new productivity features and performance improvements in Genie 6, the new major Genie release of 2023!

Following on its yearly major release cycle, Genie 6 brings a wealth of new features and performance improvements. This talk will take you through a whirlwind tour of the best additions to Genie that you can not miss!

We'll see how to take advantage of these exciting updates in your apps, but also how to navigate the breaking changes and successfully upgrade your Genie app from version 5.

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