The badge component allows you to create a small badge for adding information like contextual data that needs to stand out and get noticed. It is also often useful in combination with other elements like a user avatar to show a number of new messages.



julia> @reactive! mutable struct BadgeModel <: ReactiveModel
          myicon = "bluetooth"


julia> Html.div("Badge", class="text-h6", [
          badge("1.0.0+", color="primary")


  1. Content
    • floating::Bool - Tell badge if it should float to the top right side of the relative positioned parent element or not
    • transparent::Bool - Applies a 0.8 opacity; Useful especially for floating badge
    • multiline::Bool - Content can wrap to multiple lines
    • label::Union{String, Int} - Badge's content as string; overrides default slot if specified ex. "John Doe"22
    • align::String - Sets vertical-align CSS attribute
    • outline::Bool - Use 'outline' design (colored text and borders only)
  2. Style
    • color::String - Color name for component from the Color Palette ex. "primary""teal-10"
    • textcolor::String - Overrides text color (if needed); Color name from the Color Palette ex. "primary""teal-10"
    • rounded::Bool - Makes a rounded shaped badge
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