banner(content::String = "", args...; buttons::Vector{String} = String[], icon::Union{String,Nothing} = nothing, kwargs...)

The banner component creates a banner element to display a prominent message and related optional actions.

According to the Material Design spec, the banner should be “displayed at the top of the screen, below a top app bar” - but of course you can put one anywhere that makes sense, even in a dialog



julia> banner("Unfortunately, the credit card did not go through, please try again.", class="bg-primary text-white", [
          template("", "v-slot:action", [
            btn("Dismiss", flat=true, color="white"),
            btn("Update Credit Card", flat=true, color="white")
julia> banner("Could not retrieve travel data.", rounded=true, class="bg-grey-3", [
          template("", "v-slot:avatar", [
            imageview(src="", style="width: 100px; height:64px")
          template("", "v-slot:action", [
            btn("Retry", flat=true, color="white")


  1. Content
    • inlineactions::Bool - Display actions on same row as content
  2. Style
    • dense::Bool - Dense mode; occupies less space
    • rounded::Bool - Applies a small standard border-radius for a squared shape of the component
    • dark::Bool - Notify the component that the background is a dark color